Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Rotting Tree

It totally disgusts me.

It's like an old tree, used to be huge and sturdy and juicy but now it's just rotting away.
Everyone wants to have a piece of it, wants to squeeze the juice and milk out of it. Externally, there's the woodcutters, the rubber tappers, the birds, the weeds that grows on it, the chilly wind, the scorching sun and the many others eying on it. It's enough fighting off these enemies. But the worst is, internally, the worms are feeding on it too, no, i should say feasting, feast and leave it to rot, feasting itself at the expense of the tree. Thinking it's too big to rot, or perhaps, they don't think, worms don't have brains. ( ok, i'm not sure if worms have brains but anyway, even if they have it must be in the lowest form) It just pisses me off!

Selfish, Greedy, Lowest form.