Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He wrote " two and two is ten, the Moon is made of cheese and Christmas Day does not fall on December 25th.."

Meant to do a quick check of my emails and get down to complete some work tonight. Side tracked to read some news on channelnewsasia instead. Ended up googling on Gopalan Nair, the ex Singaporean lawyer and ex Workers Party election candidate who is now charged with "insulting a Singapore judge in his blog.."

Anyway, think i super jilat. rather do boliao thing than to do my work which is in dire need of my attention. Hmm. should i go to bed now or work a little to feel better. Hmmm...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Week of Friends from Afar

My zodiac forecast last week must have read "Expect friends from afar to visit this week."

Francois came and left last week.

He was here for work and wrote to me a few weeks before that we must catch up while he's here. It's really nice to see him again. But his schedule this time is really rushed. Arrived on Tuesday night and flying off on Fri, and in between, has gotta go Malaysia. But we did managed to squeeze in a dinner. But anyway, it was always a happy feeling whenever i see him. :)

We didn't have time to take some pictures. But here's some old pics to share.

Francois and me. Catching up at Dempsey.

Francois and Guillaume. That time when we drove up to Le Touquet from Abbeville to check out the "Parisan Beach" and they treated me a nice french dinner there.

Back in 2004.

And Kheryi called on Thursday that she's flying back! :)

We catch up on Sunday afternoon for lunch, coffee and more ice cream and we have so much to chat about. It was really great seeing her again. Still pretty much the silly gal. :) My dear silly happy pretty friend who always makes me laugh.

And a close fren from the past drop by on Mon night via sms to say hi. my ex..

"Hey hey..hw r u n ur new job? Settled down swee swee liao? Me just passed by tuas custom from Melaka. :). "

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Photoaid 2008

Last sunday was quite meaningfully spent doing my little bit to help raise fund for the victims of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar through the PhotoAid 2008 campaign, an initiative by volunteer photographers from Clubsnap.

Was rather tired by the end of the day but nevertheless felt rather good. And it was rather interesting too, observing the behaviour of people at the Merlion park, especially the different reactions and behaviours of tourists and visitors who were being approached to donate funds.

And here's some picture taken from Yunfen's camera...

Me "drinking" from the merlion fountain and Yunfen looking shock. haha

Jingshi and me

Jingshi, Yunfen and me.

And here's the group picture.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Best Risotto in Town

Normally, i'm not a fan of Risotto. However, Pasta Brava got me last night with their RISOTTO NERO ALLA SINFONIA DEI NOSTRIL MARI, squid ink risotto flavoured with white wine. It was really superb. Love it so much i have already made plans with another friend to visit the restaurant again. Yum yum..

The restaurant's located at Craig Road. And the ambience's nice too. Do check it out!

Buon appetito.