Sunday, July 12, 2009

I wish nothing has changed

It's weird, when friends cross the lines. What do you do when you know your good buddy expresses more than platonic love to you. When it's one sided or not meant to be? What do you do? It's not the first time it happens to me, just a few years back after i broke off with ex and a further many years back with L. I managed both situation pretty well then. Yet this time, it's a weird complicated situation and all i know what to do is to shun.

Friends are different from people you date. They are the people who had been there for you, who cares for you and whom you care. People you go to when you feel shitty at work and with life. People who makes you laugh. People whom you love with affection but in a different sense. People you can't simply walk away from...

I wish we will just remain as friends. Now it's not the same and it's complicated and all i can do now is to keep a distance...and I'm sorry if this hurts you but i need some time and some space ...but i'm not walking away for good.

Feeling :(