Sunday, July 12, 2009

Drive Carefully in Singapore

Recently, i have been receiving quite a number of emails from my friends on the same forwarded message below. The new traffic fine pricing from Traffic Police.

Ah, they all knew i need to be aware of this. I do not have much driving points left...Sigh. I think i am a relatively safe driver, i signal in advance when changing lane, i don't tailgate, i am a relative considerate driver, but speed limit is difficult to control especially when the road is clear and when you are rushing for time. But the police dun think so. Perhaps I'll better fix a speed limit alarm in my car to remind me the next time when i speed. SINGAPORE

Please take note of the new pricing from Traffic Police & the map of the Traffic Police where they usually hide their Mobile Speed Camera for your reference. NEW Price List from Traffic Police...
(Price increase without further notice).

Exceeding 01 - 20km/h = $130 Fine + 4 Demerit Points.
Exceeding 21 - 30km/h = $150 Fine + 6 Demerit Points.
Exceeding 31 - 40km/h = $180 Fine + 8 Demerit Points.
Exc! eeding 41 - 50km/h = more than $200! Fine + 12 Demerit Points + Court
Exceeding 51 - 60km/h = more than $200 Fine + 18 Demerit Points + Court
Exceeding More Than 61km/h = more than $200 Fine + 24 Demerit Points + Court.

Driving Offences:
Failing to Put On Seat Belt = $120 Fine + 3 Demerit points
Crossing Double White Lines = $130 Fine + 4 Demerit Points
Careless Driving = $150 Fine + 6 Demerit Points
Inconsiderate Driving! = $170 Fine + 9 Demerit Points + Court
Dangerous Driving = more than $200 Fine + 24 Demerit Points + Court + Vehicle Compounded
Illegal! Racing = more tha! n $200 Fine + Vehicle Confiscate + Court

Mobile Phones:
Phone/Text and Drive = $200 Fine + 12 Demerit Points + Phone Confiscated
You cannot hold your phone in your hand when you drive, even with loud speaker and/or ear piece

Drink Driving:
For First Offence = Up to $5,000 Fine and/or Jail Term + License Suspended + CourtFor Second Offence = Jail Term + Fine + License Su spended + Court

Other Offences:
Fail to signal when changing lanes = $70 Fine
Making an illegal U-Turn when no U-Turn sign = $70 Fine
Driving after 7pm without headlights or taillights = $30 Fine
No number plate = $70 Fine
Obstructed or obscured number plate = $70 Fine
Number plate of unapproved type = $70 Fine.

Court Cases:
If you want to be a hero and fight the court case yourself, and you lose, you pay the court charges yourself, which will add to your fine.
Court charges are at least $200 and above.

Demerit Point System:
Let's say you have 0 points on 1st January 2009, and you committed the offence of 'Failing to Put ! On Seat Belt'.

So now, you will have 3 demerit points and this will last for one Year.
If during this one year you have no demerit point offences at all, your 3 demerit points will be gone on 1/1/2010.

But, if during this one year, from 1/1/2009 to 1/1/2010, you commit another offence with demerit points, your very first offence will be extended for another year until 1/1/2011.