Saturday, May 21, 2005

Saturday Afternoon in Frankfurt

It is 3.40pm in frankfurt now and i am still in the office. The office is located within the city shopping district and from my window, i can see all the big boutiques outside. Just directly outside my window is the Rolex and Patek Philippe watch gallery. And there's Gucci down the street, and Aigner and LV ....All the big brands, all so expensive....can only do window shopping here.

Anyway, i'll rather be doing window shopping than to be stuck here. But there's still tons of work not cleared and issues which are brewing and which i have not really looked into and i think they are gonna explode soon. And i have a few meetings in France next week and i have not prepared yet. So, i will be stuck here for the rest of the day.

Just bought a train ticket earlier in the morning for tomorrow's journey. Really last minuite. But the notice was very last minuite too. The customer heard i was in europe.Great, he said, can you visit us next week. Frankfurt and France are neighbours, but not exactly close too. I checked the net for air tickets but the cheapest air ticket cost like 500 over euros just for an hour flight to paris. so i decided to take the train. The intercity train to Paris and a connecting train to the town where my customer is located . 8 hours to my destination. but 190 euros only. :)

I dun think i can accomplish my ambitious action items today. Think i better get back to work!