Thursday, September 29, 2005

Meeting Ex for Lunch

Do you believe that there is energy in our thoughts? I suddenly dreamt of my ex today and woke up to find his sms. It was one of those forwarded smses to wish me good morning. We exchanged some messages and he suggested for us to meet for lunch. Wanna pass me the present he had got for me for my birthday.

It was nice meeting him again. He’s still the same and we chatted like old frens…our work, his mom and sisters, my mom and family, friends we both knew, my life in Europe etc. It was like old friends who had not met for a long long time. He still treats me like he used to, buying food for me, asking me if I wanna try his drinks, folding the tissue paper for me….

When he asked if anyone bullied me at work, I suddenly felt like crying. Dunno why, maybe these few days had been feeling blue and things happening at work had not been particularly helpful. But I just smile. I must be strong.

Anyway, the carrot cake at AMK was really nice. I really appreciate the cheap and nice food we have in Singapore!

I think I am quite vain. Cos I have been feeling quite cheerful the whole day after he remarked to me in a sms that I have grown prettier. Heehee.