Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Miscellaneous Update

Jasmine asked why i have not been updating my blog. What have i been up to. Well, things has got a bit busy over here.

Lots of situations, changes and activities in the company. In between the busyness, managed to squeeze out some time to go for a vacation to Shanghai and Beijing with a fren. It was an 8 days trip, an impromptu decision. Just suddenly felt like going away for a break.

The Great Wall of China

Me. :)

The Forbidden City

At the Tiananmen Square facing the entrace to the Forbidden City.

Then it's back to office and the beginning of a new quarter. More things cropped up and the numbers which was supposed to have been achieved now seem bleak. Some frustrations... but 受人钱财,替人消灾. What's there to complain? Just try my best and the rest 听天由命. So was in a frenzy and a few more weeks passed.

My yoga membership has expired this month but taking a new dance class this month. Hip hop Salsa. I learnt salsa before but this hip hop salsa really makes you feel clumsy. But i'm not complaining cos it's fun and i'm looking forward to the next lesson.

And then, there's a couple of weddings and baby shower and mom's birthday. Whatever time left is meant for sleep and tv and more sleep.