Saturday, August 23, 2008

When the inappropriate gift troubles more than pleases

Someone i do not know well (but had known for many years) gave me a diamond pendant on my birthday.

I didn't realise what it was until much later as i had met him at my place carpark and had to rush off to meet a friend. It was much later when i met my friend that i had a chance to open the gift and it was too late to return him. I felt flattered for the thoughts but more so troubled.

It was an expensive gift and i do not know him well at all to deserve this.

Thanked him for the gift and chided him that it was too expensive and that now i have to buy him lunch.

I know gift giving is an act of kindness and it's rude to reject a gift when people meant well. Yet, i truly feel uncomfortable. I asked if i can return or pay him back which he refused. This is actually my first diamond pendant but i don't feel excited. Perhaps if it's from someone i like, i will be like over the moon. But it will not be because it's a diamond.

I found a bouquet of flowers when i reached home that night and it was from the same person. But I love flowers and it brought a smile to me.

Anyway, now this guy is asking when's our lunch and somehow i'm just feeling totally sianz. Sigh.