Thursday, November 27, 2008

Miss My Weekend Already

I miss my weekend already...Last weekend was so much fun it passes by too fast.

Catch up with my frens at Timbre and i really enjoy myself chilling out there. The pizza was superb and the band was cool. I heard a song which somehow caught on me. It's called I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. It's such a cheerful and uplifting song i just feel happy listening to it. :) Actually, i tried to purchase the song through iTunes but wasn't allowed as they restrict purchase for US resident. Dunno why.

And i'm inspired to improve my golf again! Went to jb for a round of golf with my uni frens. Set off in the late morning to have a good lunch there before going for the golf. We purposely choose the afternoon timeslot as we reckon the good golfers go in the early morning so we'll be less stressful if we play in the afternoon slot. Anyway, the weather was cool and the scenery was wonderful. It just felt so relaxing and for me, it's like an adventure. haha. And of course, it was great i didn't have to drive. I really prefer to be chauffeured.

And we managed to catch the Madagascar Escape2 Africa and it didn't disappoint. I love the penguines!

And here's me at YF's symphony concert on Sun: Music in Harmony.