Wednesday, November 19, 2008

If I'm Retrenched

If i'm retrenched, i'll take it as a sabbatical for a year to catch up with ME myself.

1. I'll work on my web project which is currently on stall.
2. I'll spend time on options trading
3. I'll complete the remaining modules of my post grad dip in Global Marketing
4. I'll take more dance classes and learn how to dance really well.
5. More vacations and travels and drag mom for a vacation. She's always turning me down.
6. Books!!!
7. Learn to speak French really well.
8. Take up a professional photography course. And more travels to take more photos. :)
9. Spend time with important people in my life
10. Volunteering
11. Take up tourist guide license.
12. Go to the beach, park, rollerbade, tennis, write, movies... wow :))

Think i'll be totally broke by the end of it. But i'm really excited just by the thought of it. Heehee. Suddenly, one year seem a little short. Time is the greatest luxury!

Oh yes. And a colleague has a good suggestion to me the other day. He was telling me " ... luckily you are single. Still got chance to find a rich man. Lifelong career. Next time dun need to work liao. Must focus!.."

Haha. We all had a good laugh over this and everyone chipped in on all the things one can enjoy if one is a rich TaiTai and started offering all sorts of suggestions on ways to find a rich man. It was so funny. We all can afford to daydream and joke a little during bad times like this.