Saturday, August 11, 2007

National Day Eve and Catching up with Uni Frens

Had planned to chill out with Lilian for a drink at ponggol park near my place after my yoga. I'll bring my wine and she'll bring some tibits and we can have a nice catch up by the pond. Audrey called after class to see if i had any plans too and so we arranged to all meet up together. We managed to get Boon Poh and HowKiat who stays nearby to join us too.

The five of us are part of a bigger group of friends in MPE who used to hang out together during our NTU days. After graduation, efforts were still made to catch up regularly. But gradually, everyone just got busy by the demand of work and other more important things in life that gatherings involving everyone now takes place only during important events like weddings, baby showers, house warmings..

I still keep in touch with Lilian and Audrey pretty regularly though. Lilian was not only my course mate but was also my neighbour in Hall 6 and hall 5. And we broke off with our exes right about the same time. And so, we shared alot and have lotsa spare time to hang out together.

Audrey broke off with hers around the same time too. So i guess, the 3 of us gals found much sympathy in one another and have the bandwidth to keep in regular contacts. Audrey joined me in my last company for a while too. We were each other buddy at work for a short while before we both quitted one after another. 

Anyway, it was nice catching up in a group and not the usual one to one outing. We just relaxed at the pavilion by the pond, tasting wine, munching tibits, trading stories, joking and chitchatting till 2 plus in the morning. It would be cool if the rest were there too. But one can't be too greedy huh. It's lucky we happen to be free tonight.

Our lives are moving on so fast and there is no slowing it down...

Cheers to all my friends!