Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Dear Little Princess from Camp Rainbow

The little princess i befriended at the volunteer camp sms me last night.

Princess: Are you sleeping now
Me: Nope. I'm driving. On the way home from yoga.
Princess: OH
Me: Why aren't you sleeping yet? It's late
Princess: I miss you what! rabbit.

Her reply brought a huge smile to my face. :) It's nice to know that you must have meant something and had made a difference one way or another in someone's life for them to miss you.

It was 3 full days of interactions and fun we had. She was a really shy girl at the start of the camp. Yet over the course of the camp, we had so much fun that she opened up very quickly to reveal another lovely side of her. She was like the princess in our group, for she was the youngest. And all the other befrienders doted on her a lot too. After the camp, we had a few more get together sessions. Her dad remarked that she had changed alot since returning the camp, much more outgoing and confident and kept thanking me that night when i sent her home after the appreciation tea. The camp had made a positive impact on her.

Actually, the camp was a learning experience for myself too.

One snippet in my journal recorded a moment when she seemed to prefer the company of the doctor assigned to our group than me.

"...For a short moment, I turn away from her, for I couldn’t handle rejection. Why does she seem to prefer the doctor’s company more than mine? Sometimes, we have such big ego and pride, that the tiniest little act of injustice(we felt) done to us causes us silly hurts that we shut off from people.

I guess she could sense it. For she sorta shy away from me when I started playing with the other kids and did not follow her everywhere so much. And so she turned to the other befrienders, and me to the other kids whom seemed to appreciate and love my company. And suddenly there existed a wall between us. And I suddenly sensed that she was a little shy with me.

Then I quickly thought to myself, what’s really important is that she enjoys herself and I need to manage my own feelings better. And so, we begin to have fun again. :) "

After the camp, little princess smsed me "I love you.". Her sms made my day that night. When you give love, they will find a way back.

Life is too short to be little. When we rise above petty hurts and pride, and embrace them with love and understanding and compassion, the world becomes a much better world, for ourselves and the people around us.