Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Letter to Jean

Saw someone on the street with a splitting image of Jay today. It had been so many years since i last kept in contact with him. We have totally lost touch since i started uni while he continued his NS with the marine police. He was my senior in JC and stayed nearby. One day, we just started talking when we met while walking to school.. It was a short sweet puppy kind of affection i had for him. He had been special then. He was kind, soft spoken, Eurasian and looks alittle like the Singapore foreign soccer player Abba Saab. And he was the first person to write a poem for me. Till today, i still keep the letter in which he wrote the poem for me.

For: Zhuo YiJin

Letter to Jean,

The only moon in the dark night

The shining star twinkling bright

Such a wonderful sight

In this amazing night

Kind in heart and soul

Always to help the lesser

With efforts that you pour

To make their days brighter

Passion set inside yourself

A World. So filled with life

Enjoyment of this sacred life

As only you know how

Admiration for this gem

Long forth do i have to say

How special a person you are

Like diamonds and pearls so rare

Windows through this naked world

Provided by visions of your own

You know the value of living

Like living is what you do

Thanks for being the telescope

And the heart beater as well

For you are truly great

It's time that you know



In our journey of life, we meet countless of people who enters and leaves our life. Some leaves a mark, others are forgettable. And looking back, those who have left a footprint are those who have touched us, made a difference in our life, shared deep experiences and adventures together with us, and who had made the efforts to live in the moment and created the special memories for us to revisit. And these are the footprints that add colors and richness in our life. I hope i had left my footprints behind those who had taken the journey together with me at some point of my life too.

Ok. I'll end this entry with the attached powerpoint on life journey.