Sunday, August 7, 2005

Sunday, 7th August

Woke up at 1pm today. Yesterday was a long day and i had returned to hotel in the wee hours. Now i have a cold. Took 2 panadol for cold but it doesn't seemed to work. So i warmed a bottle of chicken essence which a friend had so kindly sent to me few weeks back. I don't really like the taste of chicken essence but it is supposed to make your body stronger.

Went to BBQ at Sue Mee's house yesterday. It was very kind of her to invite me. The BBQ was quite fun and Sue Mee's cooking was superb. Her friends and friends friends were an funny bunch of people too.

Was quite tired at the end of the day. But Alice who was supposed to send me back to my hotel kept asking me to join them at this "Asia Party" at Franfurt city. Didn't really feel like going and actually i had planned to wake up early so that i can visit the muesum tomorrow. But somehow, with Elena also joining in to persuade me, i decided to check out the place.

The disco was very crowded and have many vietnamese and Chinese, and a couple of ang mo. Very interesting. And the crowd was quite crazy too. One of their frens, whom we met there was quite crazy so it was quite entertaining for me. Most of the time, i just sat there watching people. It was really interesting.