Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Irony again... and more thoughts. :)

Some old memories came visit yesterday after some chats with my old friends from uni. Missed those good old days and felt a tinge of irony..

Irony is when you were the first couple in the group while the others were still trying to search for their love and yet today, both of you are still single, while the rest have all settled down..

Irony is when you don't meet nor stay in touch from the one from past life you tried to walk away from, yet he often will just quietly appear when he knows you are in trouble..

Irony is when, 当我学习了快乐是怎么去活在当下, to forget about the past and not to unduly worry over the future and to embrace 当下所有, 当下遇到的人却突然顾虑着the past and the future.

It's nice to reminiscence about the good old days and the nostalgic past once in while, people whom had made your life rich and helped shaped who you are one way or another along the way, the ones who brings a smile to you with their silliness, or the one who brought a tear (and who could because they had touched your heart in the first place..)

But the past is long gone...just like the person who looks into the future. Past and future are not at the present. I mustn't wait for tomorrow to be happy.. because tomorrow may never come anyway.. and who knows what happens right after you arrived where you dreamt of..things will still move.. Life is a constant flux. I shall just focus on staying happy, living in the moment, be kind, be compassionate and live a right life! :)

I'm really happy we can get to be reborn everyday! Heaven and hell is all in the thoughts and everyday is filled with new possibilities! :D

Ok. Time to go read the book my friend has lent me. So many books so little time!! But before that, some inspiration to share. :)

With metta
jean :)