Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Year in Timor

Went to check out a photography exhibition, One Year in Timor, at The Art House earlier today. The photographs were the work of a photographer who spent a year volunteering in Timor Leste (aka East Timor). There wasn't a lot of photographs on exhibit but the photographs were rather nice, and so i still ended up being late for a dinner appointment with a friend. :p

Anyway, one of my goals for this year is to learn to take better photographs with my micro four third. ( ok, so mine is a beginner's camera and i was made fun of by my basic photography teacher. But it's a first step! ) Till now, I am still using automatic mode whenever i take photos, and actually, most often with my iPhone..I'm really doing no justice to my camera!

Anyway, below is my favorite photo from the exhibition, A Hamlet in the Forest. Don't ask me why but something about it just drew me in and i came back for it for a second time before i left.

And here's an interesting snapshot outside the art house using my most handy camera, the iphone. :p