Sunday, April 18, 2010

Run for Water 2010

Participated in the DOW LIVE EARTH Run for Water today. This is the first running event i took part since i took up running few months ago and it feels great when i completed it. It's a 6km run, which is the average distance women and children in developing countries walk every day to have access to drinking water.

The run route was quite scenic, starting from the F1 track towards Marina bay and passing by the Singapore Flyer, the Kallang river etc. I rather enjoyed myself, listening to my ipod, taking in the beautiful morning scene and just running at my own pace without stopping. :)

Here's me at the end of the run with my finisher medallion. :)

I tried to lift this water container, I think it's about 2.5Kg, i couldn't carry it up! This is about the ave weight of the water people carry to collect drinking water.

The water village.

Participants resting by the water after the race.