Monday, July 28, 2008

A Nice Weekend

It has been a nice relaxed weekend. Nothing spectacular, leisure, laid back but filled with a general sense of happy-ness. And three feel good sessions with 3 different frens.

Had planned to do some work over weekend to clear some backlogs and i'm glad i had the good sense to decide against it. Need to draw a line on work else will be too 对不起自己 liao.

I realise that we are all generally too busy, trying to squeeze more and more activities into less and less time. That we fail to slow down, to savour, to enjoy and appreciate, all the potential sources of happiness that is all around us.

Such as waking up naturally and not to the sound of alarm clock on a saturday morning, and nauwing comfortably in bed, in a semi dreamy state, listening to the sounds outside, thinking of whatever things that comes to mind.

Such as a good movie and catching up with a fren over a nice piece of chocolate walnut cake and reminiscing the past.

Such as doing nothing but just spending time at home. Letting mom fuss over you, making you a cup of coffee and chat and taking videos of mom for no reason but just for fun.

Such as meeting a sweet fren who comes fetch you and see you home and takes care of you, not for anything but just because that's the way he was brought up to treat a lady with chivalry.

Such as listening to stories of fren's recent vacations and being inspired to go on a trip soon too.

Such as spending some alone time hitting some golf balls at the driving range.

Such as spending some time with a dear fren who is based in states and going back soon.

Life is good.