Sunday, October 16, 2005

Went Dancing

Met Lilian and her French frens to go chiong. Didn't want to go at first cos i dun have anything nice to wear for going to clubs. i travel very light for last week business trip and my clothes are mostly business wear. But i went anyway, she is the only gal and it's quite dangerous. Somemore she said her angmoh fren's brother is quite cute and wanna introduce to me.

Have not danced for a long time. But boy, this club we went to was quite hip and fun. Wah, i was quite popular leh. There's quite a couple of French guys trying to hit on me. The dancing's really fun. But i think me too conservative cos i get uncomfortable getting too close if i dun know the person well in advance.

The brother's quite cute but clubs are not the place to meet someone serious la and i am not looking for flings.