Sunday, October 16, 2005

Lost my Passport in Paris

Checked into the hotel last afternoon to realise that i have lost my passport. Was so worried.... I still had my passport with me when i was waiting for the train at the St Quentin Station. So the passport must have been lost either on the railstation or the metro. Retraced my path to the metro and asked the lady on duty for help. Stupid women. All she can say is sorry, there's nothing i can do. *#$#@. Asked her to help call the main station to check and she can only say "i dun know.....i can;t help you. you have gotta go look for police..."

So i went to look for the police. And they just take my statement at the police station and tell me i can go. So i ask them aren't they gonna ask me for more information like where i last lost sight of my passport etc so that they can help me find my passport. And the clerk just say, you have gotta go and look for your consulate #%$*&@) upon which i ask them for the tel. number and the idiot said, you have gotta check the internet. I tried again and ask him if perhaps he may have the rail station number which i can call myself to check. He said sorry he dun have and i just gotta check the internet myself.

Thus in the end, i went back to my hotel to check the internet for the consultate and main rail station contact number. The service staff i called was really helpful. And gave me both the metro and rail station number i can call directly to check. Luckily someone found my passport and had returned it to the main rail trainstation. I was so so so relieved.

Passed by a beggar inside the metro tunnel. Felt so glad to have found my passport i gave him all the euro coins i have with me.

P/s: While checking the net and calling the train station to check, met a fren on line. Was really glad to meet someone to share my frustrations and anxiety so proceeded to describe what happen only to have my sentence cut off with "okok" after i reveal the railstation just confirm that they have found my passport....You know, okok = stopstop, you dun have to continue...

But i have not even really started...there's no one here and i just wanna share my experience and frustrations mah.

even my good fren is mean to me. this is really not my day.

Dun kick your fren when she is down OK?