Friday, December 2, 2011

Love You Like A Love Song

While catching up over the previous weekend, KY told me that every time she heard of this song by Selena Gomez, she would think of me. Hee.. it's nice to know when people thinks of you. :) She said that she didn't know why but somehow the song always reminded her of me. And today, i dunno why but this song kept playing in my head as i was driving home earlier.

And as we chatted away that day, i remember my dear friend telling me. " You know, we always wanted to be safe and very sure before we open our heart to someone else. But maybe it's like playing cards... to draw a card, to draw our king eventually, we need to first throw a card..."

I thought the way she put across was really impressive. She said she heard that from some celebrity on a talk show. Anyway, that's so true isn't it? When we were young, we don't consider nor think too much. When you like a person, you just like a person. And yet, as we grow older, we consider and worry over too many things.

I remember this guy i was dating once telling me that i was really aloof. That would be the last thing my friends and colleagues would say of me. And yet, that was what he said after i told him that i think his character was too lousy for us to continue trying. He said he had acted tough and rude as he felt insecure and i was rather aloof. Okay, that was bad excuse to be mean to me. But then perhaps, there were some pinches of truth there...

And often time, it's indeed true that i find myself fleeing..whenever feelings start to make me feel vulnerable. I guess it had became an automatic self defense mechanism... That which can't touch you, can't hurt you. So it was fun for a while. And one day, when you realize the potential of someone to even remotely hurt you, you immediately put on your shield..

I think i am my own real serious problem.