Friday, May 20, 2011


Just realized that i had a pile of bills and administrative letters which i did not managed to clear before i went for my mount kk trip. Was reading the disclaimer fine print on my insurance renewal document when it crossed my mind about a disclaimer of another non-business/legal sort that i came across some time back.

Why do people issue disclaimer on things they do?
What if you are the receiving end of a disclaimer made?
What if a disclaimer was told to you only after an event/agreement/contract/ partnership had taken place?
What if the disclaimer was disclosed in third person to you only after an event had taken place?

I think there is nothing wrong with making disclaimer and most people who make disclaimers have no intention to harm, attack or take advantage of the other receiving end. Rather, i think it's more an act to protect oneself, to limit liability and obligation than any ill intention. Yet, it really doesn't feel good at all at the receiving end...especially for a disclaimer that is told in the aftermath of an agreement..and worst, in third person...But i have learned to brush it off... nobody can make you feel bad or small unless you allow them to. :)

Sigh.. I like to think that i've grown wiser over these few years but the truth perhaps, is that i have really grown older but still non the wiser. For deep down, i guess i'm still the the idealistic sort, even though there had been times i had fallen down due to my foolish beliefs. I still believe in things like integrity, honesty, true love, true friendship,  kindness, good intentions, compassion and sincerity...