Friday, April 1, 2011


My colleague announced to everyone during his hole-in-one dinner treat this evening of the amount i have donated to our company employee Japan Tsunami Relief fund (the company had donated an amount separately) which just started yesterday. It was the highest among the collection so far. I was a little paiseh when asked to say something. I had actually prepared the cheques (my mother and mine )since 2 weeks ago for Singapore Red Cross but had been kept busy i always ended up postponing to the next day. So when the initiative and request came, i conveniently passed my cheques which had been sitting in my handbag to our department secretary. 

So i was asked if i have a boyfriend or relative in Japan or if i had any reason for the donation amount. I said cos i don't have a million dollar (like the rich girl in the newspaper headline) so i donated this amt which i am comfortable with. Actually, I just feel very sorry for the people of Japan and the state of destruction they have to witness and go through and live with. We are truly very fortunate not having to go through such disasters.. Really, 就是幸福..

And when you think about all the problems we face in our daily life, work stress, relationship problems, money problems etc, they all pale and seem so minute against the life and death disasters this nation has to go through.

I hope everyone can live in a peaceful world.