Monday, December 27, 2010

Bed Bugs Attack !

Came back from Borobudur with a body full of bed bug bites. My friend who shared the room with me got the bites on the first day but i did not get any symptom. The second night though was horrible and i woke up with many bites. The itchiness and unsightly bumps from the bites really bugged me and it got worst this morning i had to go and see a doc to get a jab to stop the itchiness. How i hate bed bugs!!

On the flight back, my friend had nothing to do and took some photos of the bites. 

My little finger which was swollen. More bites surface on this finger later that day and the finger swelled even more.

Near the neck. There are worst pics but i shall spare the readers from the awful sights.

I googled a little on bed bug bites and found some interesting information. 

Here's a link to some recommendation on how to get rid of bed bugs and treat the bites. And there's another  nice article on how to treat bed bugs bites and getting rid of the bugs. On the bites, it says that

" ...the bites prove to be very itchy to many that get them, but recent studies show that many people are not allergic to the bites and will not feel any discomfort. That being said, many may have bed bugs and not even know about it. The bites itch because of a numbing agent the bugs use to keep you from feeling the bites, this agent causes an allergic reaction for many. These bites are not life threatening, but are not fun to have. The best remedy is to use a topical antihistamine such as calamine lotion or Aveeno followed by some Benadryl taken orally. Bathing is Epson salts have been seen by many to help soothe the itchiness. The important thing is to try and not scratch the bites as this will only make them worse and could lead to scaring.

The itchiness and redness will go away on it’s own within a few days and they do not carry any diseases, so these is little to worry about. "

I guess at least it's consoling to know that the itchiness and redness will go away on it's own within a few days.

Do also check out the following video from the Emmy winning documentary, Bed Bugs! Attack!

Dun let the bed bugs bite!