Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To Be Known Without Saying Much.

Fren was telling me about his excitement looking forward to getting his new apartment key. I told him i really envy him, of which he asked me to quick go get married too. So i asked him to send some nice guys along if he come across them and he just tell me

..impt part is ur heart bah...
if its still closed..doesnt matter how many thousand nice guys i send ..."
I was a little surprised by his reply. I never tell him much and wonder how he can sense this of me. And i recalled what a good friend remarked just last week,

"..it's really kua zhang...i means the guys swarming after you...beyond my imagination...and i think like dat u also cannot find someone u like..." 

To both responses, i just laughed. Told my friend i'll make a concious effort if he'll just do his job.

Anyway, i am happy. I am happy that i have friends who don't need to know much but somehow can sense me. Isn't this one of the greatness joy in life. To somehow be known without saying. :)

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