Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was driving on the first lane of BKE last week when i approached a yellow sports car ( may i add that it's really a Beng car with all the typical loud car decal) and had to slow down. "Wah liao!" i thought to myself. "Sports car and so Beng and still drive so slow...". I was rushing for time and the expressway was mostly clear so i changed lane and overtook him.

5 mins later, i noticed a police car following close. So i slowed down and moved to the second lane to let it pass, thinking it was rushing to somewhere. Maybe to catch Mas Selamat? But it did not pass but signalled me to pull over at the highway shoulder instead. That was when i realised i was in trouble.

Police officer: Miss, you have a driving license?

Me: Yes. I do. Why?

Police officer: Come, let me show you.

Thus he opened his car door and signalled for me to look at the speed the speeding detector in his car had recorded of my car. And hence i was told of the summon i should expect. 170 bucks fine plus 8 points deducted. I tried to plead and i thought the police officer had looked sympathetic..But in the end, he did not relent. "It's ok" he concluded. "You have 24 points to deduct from. Next time, drive safely." :(

I persisted and tried to reason why maybe i'm not really wrong. I explained that i wasn't driving dangerously; i was sticking to the same lane, focusing on the road and there wasn;t any car ahead. So relatively speaking, with no cars ahead, it's not exactly speeding. He said it would be worst if i were driving dangerously. And my speed was actually nearly reaching the limit for court summon. So it could be worst for me.

I tried to question him the reason for speed limit. "It's a relative thing isn't it? It's not that bad right? Considering the road condition, my speed was alright, Right?" "There's a reason for speed limit, Miss." "But why?" i insisted. Then i bite my tongue. Better not to argue with a police officer.

Later, as i resumed the rest of my journey to my destination, with a sunken heart and driving conscientiously within the speed limit, it dawned on me why the yellow Beng sports car was driving so slowly.

He must had the same experience before and perhaps didn't have much points left to deduct. Either that or he is smarter and had noticed the traffic police car and had actually recognized the car as THE traffic police car unlike dumb me whose mind only register traffic police with man in white on motorbike...

Today, i was driving within the speed limit of 90Kmh on the expressway when i was being honed by a vehicle closing behind me. But i didn't care. I continued at the same speed. The driver seemed frustrated and overtook me shortly. Perhaps the driver can still afford to speed. But I can't. Maybe one day, he will understand. But for today, i'll forgive him for honing me.

Drive Safe.